who we are

Braziel is a communications and marketing bureau specialized in the exchange between people, brands and organizations in Holland and Brazil.
Our mission is to move away and beyond beaten and outdated stereotypes of Brazil, established decades ago.

Yes, Brazil has a lot of coffee.
But also açaí, and açerola and jabuticaba. And bio-technology and airplanes.

Yes, Brazil has beautiful women.
But also handsome men and transgenders and native indians and surprising combinations of it all.

Yes, Brazil has the samba.
But also forró, and mangue beat and a thriving electronic music scene.

And yes, Brazil has an amazing Carnival.
But also festas juninas, bumba-meu-boi and Festival Folclórico de Parintins.

By the same token, Braziel believes that Holland has much more to offer Brazil than bikes, cheese and tulips.

Braziel is managed by Eduardo Ramos, a Brazilian native who has been living in Amsterdam for over 20 years.
Eduardo studied Communications at the University of São Paulo and worked a few years as TV writer and producer in Brazil, before moving to England and later to Holland. After a few jobs  in customer service, while learning the Dutch language, Eduardo developed a career in International Marketing at the Dutch scientific publisher Elsevier, where he has worked for over 10 years, in different sales and marketing positions.  At Elsevier, he developed his tactical skills in international marketing that range from product collateral production and product launch roadmap, all the way to social media and events management.
In 2013 he took a sabbatical year, during which he decided to fly solo and make a living by combining his professional experience in communications and marketing with his passion for his homeland Brazil. Besides Dutch and Portuguese, Eduardo is also fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.